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When you meet Mayor Williams, you will like him. Pickleball is a game that was created on the West Coast back in It is a cross between ping-pong and tennis and is played with small paddles and a special whiffle ball. Over the years, Marshall Football has had its ups and downs. He is a wonderful person, gives a great tour, and has a heart for people and the region.

Some people hate it. Make sure you order it that way so you have a true comparison between each t. Over the years, the game has made it into physical education curriculum across the country. Note: Since the original posting of this article Ritter now has official Pickle Ball courts too! It is a friendly, raucous, and generally enjoyable crowd that loves their team. One leisurely thing to do is to rent a boat — either a kayak or a paddle boat — and go out on the lake.

What I see and experience is a town on the rise.

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Running a city like Huntington is a tough job. The truth is, there are a lot of hot dog stands here. Even if Marshall has a less than impressive team, the style in which they are taught to play is fast, exciting, and full of moments you will be glad you saw in person. When you do one of the things on this list, take a selfie, post it to social media and tag it with MyHuntington. When Joan Edwards Stadium where Marshall plays football is packed, there is simply no better stadium in the United States to watch a college-level football game.

Their sauce is very sweet. The goal is to give you fun things to do in and around Huntington. The experience and memories will last a lifetime. Huntington is well known for hot dogs. Post your picture to social media and tag it with MyHuntington.

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Tours are available for people interested in supporting the work. In the summer months, it is simply glorious. Seeing a concert downtown at the Civic Arena — now called the Mountain Health Arena — is a rite of passage in Huntington. All local hot dog vendors are invited to participate. Some people love it. They now have a ropes course that is the BOMB!

Imagine it … a sit-down pizza place where a family can come together, eat pizza, and have a good time. Beech Fork State Park is a treasure. Simply contact Kristi Arrowood. It is a secret — a diamond in the rough just waiting to be found and polished to a bright gleam.

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Either way, the opportunity to sit down and eat pizza out dating your people in a spacious location is Huntington cool! Kevin Brady, Director of the Parks Department at the time, was so moved by the idea that he agreed to do it — and it has since dating an annual event. Of all things, hot dogs! Vendors compete against each other to see who palace the most chili. This list is a tribute to my town and the area in which I live. Activities include hot dog-eating contests, bun run, bun palace, and a wiener dog race. This restaurant is vibrant — it is always full — and speed pizza is unique. When my sister came to visit, we made it a point to go on what I call Huntington Hot Dog Trail.

You can also go to Barboursville Park and play. The quality of what they provide has allowed the location to become a Smithsonian Affiliate site. The farm is open most days for tours and always on Saturday. I have ZERO cares about what you think. The farm was featured on the TV show American Pickers in Heritage Farm is home to a vast amount of central Appalachian culture, history, and stuff. If you can get a tour with the current owner, Audy Perry, do it. They have 4 courts that are build to be Pickle Ball courts!

It is always packed. The event takes place every year in late September. In recent years, there have been a lot of downs. Every mayor has his or her own flair. Today in the Huntington area there is a huge upswing in the of people playing. The space located on the 5th floor of Cabell Huntington Hospital has 72 beds for pediatric patients and has some of the most advanced equipment available to treat children. We loved it so much we decided to make it home.

You will probably find a game you are good at and love. If you get a chance, swing by on a summer evening and ask to get involved. It is run and gun and a lot of fun! Chili of every kind is served — everything from goat or buffalo to vegetarian and more. There are a lot of haters out there speed are going to think this list of Things to Do in Huntington is rubbish.

Ritter Park is one of the brightest spots in all of Huntington. Ritter Park has a whole court set aside during the summer months for people who want to play.

When the flags are out, tours are available, or you can quietly stroll through the area and reflect on the freedoms in the United States that make us unique in the world. Go and check it out on the Heritage Farm website.

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I will be revising the list periodically. This is really a wonderful place to live, work, and raise a family.

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The Huntington Fire Department always delivers a 9 alarm chili that will burn your mouth! No matter the time of day, you will see people walking it. The purpose of this display is to remember the terrorist attacks that took place on September 11, The project was conceived by Tom Bowen, a Huntington native who participated in the rescue and cleanup at the Twin Towers. Everything from tools to guns to kitchen supplies used through history. Ticket prices are affordable.

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So when you read this article, know that I love Huntington. It is a beautiful park with a great gravel walking path all the way around. Note: This list is in no particular order.

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What you also need to know is that Huntington has its own way of doing hot dogs. The brainchild of local business leader David Graley. The people who play are always nice and willing to teach newbies the rules and how to play.

The park has a frisbee golf course, huge playground, cookout areas, camping, fishing, swimming pool, beach, shooting range, and more. Enjoy this list … and if you have ideas, leave them in the comments section at the end of the article. Let me know what you think.