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With so many awesome things to do in San Diego year-round, you never have to resort to a boring date night at the movies!

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It is only strongly recommended that outdoor mega events do the same. They prevented the spread of the disease, saving untold lives. The most common type of mega events are sporting events, concerts, festivals, conventions and fairs.

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Wooten said San Diego County would continue to follow the state's ongoing state of emergency declaration. In addition, attendees at both indoor and outdoor events must wear face coverings based on current CDPH standardswhich makes recommendations based on vaccination status. There are two types of mega events: indoor events, like conventions, conferences, sporting events and concerts; and outdoor events, like music or food festivals, car shows, parades, outdoor concerts and more. Not only can you win money for getting vaccinated, they're also offering tacos. NBC 7 spoke to representatives of a few school districts, who said that kids would still need to be kept at arm's length:.

After June 15, though, the onus is on the UN-vaccinated. On Tuesday, June 15, every misanthrope's favorite guideline, social distancing, will go quietly into the night, except for folks who self-identify as unvaccinated, are attending schools, healthcare setting and a few other locations.

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Mega events are considered high-risk because of their wide appeal and large draw, meaning people from across the country -- and in some cases the world -- will want to attend. For those who are not, a face covering is required.

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While at the event, people will inevitably gather in large crowds and be in close proximity to hundreds if not thousands of people, the state says. After 15 months of shutdowns during the pandemic, California is fully opening the economy on June 15, including mega events like concerts and sporting events— but there will be some restrictions. When the dust settled beg pardonone thing was agreed upon in scientific circles: The most effective way to prevent the spread of the disease was covering your nose and mouth and, in some quarters, that meant covering it twice, with a paper AND a cloth mask.

Then, in March of this year, that benchmark at schools was reduced to three feet, permitting schools to more easily reopen after educators had been vaccinated. NBC 7's Ramon Galindo has more.

A full reopening of california -- including san diego county -- is coming june 15 and this means many pandemic-era restrictions will change

San Diego County Aug View this post on Instagram. That stat — which equals 2, San Diego County residents who have gotten at least one dose of the coronavirus vaccine — surpasses the goal the county had set for the region, which was to have 2, San Diegans vaccinated with at least one dose. A post shared by County of San Diego countyofsandiego.

Here are three tips to rein in those feelings of unease. On that date, San Diego County will follow the state's guidance on face coverings, with California's Beyond the Blueprint for industry and business sectors aligning with the guidelines established by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. For a while -- and in some quarters, to this day think: airlines -- gators, those fabric tubes you wore around your neck and pulled up to filter your respiratory system, were out of vogue. Coronavirus Pandemic Voices for Justice U. Follow Us Facebook Twitter Instagram.

NBC 7's Allison Ash explains this very important information. It will be up to event organizers to decide whether or not they will instill the requirement.

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Search for:. This article tagged under: Reopening San Diego california reopening june Back to Article. That means indoors and outdoors, San Diego County places like restaurants, museums, breweries, bars, movie theaters, gyms, and more can go back to running at full capacity.

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Or they can simply tell people they're welcome if they self-attest to being vaccinated. So while you may be ordering a cocktail without your mask on, your bartender may very well be wearing one when they pour you that drink you've waited 16 months for. NBC 7's Lauren Coronado reports.

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Close Menu. Once again consulting our trusty friend, California's Beyond the Blueprint for Industry and Business Sectors guidelines, we learn that there are no restrictions whatsoever for attendees, customers and guests.

It is required that all attendees at indoor mega events show proof they are fully vaccinated or must have a negative COVID test.

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What are the officials trying to say? For the most part, though, you'll be saying goodbye o those ever-present stickers, lines of tape and spray-painted markers on the ground that, if we're honest, were mere recommendations often squeezed by everyone but the most vigilant. California defines a mega event as any event that draws 5, or more people indoors or 10, or more people outdoors. That said, businesses will still have the right to require patrons to wear masks and can check for proof of coronavirus vaccination.

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Candace Croney, professor of animal behavior and well-being at Purdue University, shares the steps you should take to support your dog or cat as you spend less time at home. It is up to the event to make those requirements clear to attendees. NBC 7's Lauren Coronado has more.

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You can dive deeper into the rules surrounding mega events here. California Gov. Reopening San Diego. For most of the pandemic, most of us in public have been keeping six feet apart, unless separated by a barrier of some sort -- usually plexiglass.

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Of course, all the old exceptions still apply for kids under 2, people with relevant medical conditions, the hearing impaired, etc. Officials there decided last week that workers could only go maskless if every employee in a room is fully vaccinated against the coronavirus. OK, so that wasn't short, nor was it particularly informative. County and local partners have been working to keep the momentum going; over the weekend, the San Diego Padres hosted a pop-up vaccine clinic and the doses came with a reward: two free tickets to a Padres game.

Hello, Full Capacity Our redeed local news and weather app is live!

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So get ready for facial recognition -- many but not most places are likely to drop the mask mandate, though it depends, too, on what OSHA says. For those fully vaccinated, you can take off that face mask.