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Not everyone using online dating sites is looking for love. Scammers create fake online profiles using photos of other people — even stolen pictures of real military personnel. They profess their love quickly.

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The invoice also has NO address information on it whatsoever.

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I tell him those are generic google image search and not credentials. We chatted a couple days off and on, which then I asked for a picture and she said send one first. Brian tells his story to us in such detail, and with such insight into the s and warnings why it is a scam that we wanted to share it with our readers. This is from the same South Carolina cell phone.

One fact has remained consistent since we started following this scam in Plenty of Fish is THE app most used by these criminals to target their victims.

These s have stayed lower for nearly four months. She texts me more times to which I ignore. However, the MOST interesting 2 seconds of this entire call come at 4 minutes and 9 seconds.

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He already took his daughter to the juvenile detention agency. At the end of November,the most wonderful news was reported from South Carolina!

See below. We say this primarily because of the voice messages victims have sent to us since December, If so, please contact the FBI. If you listen to the 3rd message from Matt Davis, he tries to tell the victim that the police say many people report this as a scam but what happened to his daughter and his family is not a scam! He used a S. The second caller pretended to be a Sheriff from the Spartanburg County, S. Carolina police department. Some of the men contacting us are terribly scared and have doubts whether or not this is a scam. Though illegal, we have heard that smartphones are sometimes tossed over fences, smuggled in by family, and even sold to inmates by complicit guards!

The victim called the real police department and determined that no such police officer existed and no one had called him from there. At that time, someone can be heard calling out in the background.

Though less frequent, this scam is still targeting men as of October, Carolina phone At the end of October, a victim sent us a copy of this invoice to ask us if we thought it was real. One victim sent the scammer an image he found on the web of the s on a Greendot money card just to see what the guys reaction would be…. It is the responsibility of a court, lawyers and law enforcement.

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Another 8. The graph below shows that in August, there was a ificant drop in the of men contacting us about this scam when compared to the five months.

Faking it — scammers’ tricks to steal your heart and money

Since late December, through late January, we believe that the of criminals involved in this scam increased. During most of we were hearing from so many men targeted by this scam that we could not keep this article updated fast enough with all the information we received. It is a complete fake, easy to spot. Some of the language used in the paragraph of the invoice is just lame and stupid. Read this article published on November 28, in the Military Times online magazine! I ignore all of them. This clearly demonstrates that the criminals perpetrating this scam have dropped lures in a wide range of dating apps and sites.

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Vince wrote an outstanding article about the underage girl sext scam that targeted a young Veteran, who eventually committed suicide because he thought the scam was real. Brian is also the th victim to tell us he has been targeted by this brutal scam. However, since November 23, and through March 11,58 additional men have contacted us to report that they had been recently victimized by this scam.

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I locked down all my social media apps, deleted plenty of fish and froze tinder and bumble. By the Fall ofwe generally hear from victims each week at most and they tend to be victimized by this scam around weekends, not often mid-week.

Alleged criminals, according to the Fox Channel News article include:. From the information that victims of this scam have given us, here are the minimum amounts of money victims have paid these criminals between November, and November, Though this scam continues intothe of men who report being victimized has dropped ificantly.

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Then late that afternoon, I get 4 phone calls within 20 mins from her. Why would a Georgia state official call from a South Carolina cell phone? However, since the arrest described below, the of victims contacting us has dropped to about 16 per month, as of March 11, We wonder if the criminals, who are already in jail and are most responsible for this scam, are having a harder time getting hold of smartphones. He leaves me a voic, both voics from him are attached. Listen to two more voice recordings from these criminals that were sent to us by victims in January and February, The first man pretends to be an angry father whose underage son was involved with sexting with an adult.

However, on April 10 we heard from a man we will call Brian not his real name who had been targeted in such a way that we are certain that his scammer is most likely one of the original 6 men who have been running this scam from a jail in S. Carolina where they are incarcerated for other crimes. Late in the afternoon, he sends me that he was in a meeting and sends me some generic badges of Fulton County and a Fulton County sheriff car and the picture that I had sent shirtless.

She then asked for a sexy one back, so I sent one of me, but only waist up shirtless, no nudity. The next morning she sent an additional photo that was of her in bra and underwear. The calls be back and I answer, but when he starts ranting I hang up on him.

When I asked him what the story was, he said that I received nude pictures from an underage girl and sent pictures of my penis to an underage girl.

We have personally encouraged over men to contact the FBI about this scam —see below. That is not their job. She said they have been getting a lot of calls about similar money demanding schemes and I should just block the s.

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The phone call gets dropped, thankfully. He never mentioned his name.

You will also see that Plenty of Fish POF continues to be the dating app most used to target victims until Octoberthough we have documented the use of more than 25 dating apps and websites by these criminals. Read: www.

Neither of these statements are true, this is when I feel that I truly felt this was a scam. I just happen to be going to see a friend and mention it to him and he said the same thing happened to him in and he thought it was also a girl named Karen. He peppered us with questions about the scam, probing for information.

I matched with a girl on Tinder named Karen, whose profile said she is After the first few messages she just asked for my .

He asks the target to call him back at Here are 2 recordings sent to us by two different victims on the same day, Nov. The Daily Scam was mentioned in a newly published article from Vince Besier, an investigative reporter with Wired. I sent one to her of my face and she immediately responded with one of her in a shirt and underwear. Click twice on the invoice to enlarge it…. After she sent that, I archived the thread done with this girl. Fifteen individuals were arrested for being most responsible for this scam!

We believe that this data, and the hundreds of men we encouraged to tell their story to the FBI, may have helped authorities track and locate these criminals.

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I talked to him, he kept trying to get me to tell a story, which I just kept saying I either had nothing to say or needed a lawyer. I gave it to her, as this is not completely unusual. In this facility they are apparently using smuggled cell phones to run this scam, along with money mules and helpers from outside the jail.

From our perspective at TheDailyScam.