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A vacation should be a respite from the rest of the world. We take your health and welfare very seriously and have implemented the following:.

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Of course we adjust offerings for food allergies such as shellfish or nuts. These months truly enjoy more days of "perfect" weather than 'not quite perfect'.

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But Mexico keep in mind our internet connection can be very slow at times, and is capacity limited. This is the busy tourist corridor - you'll notice a decrease in traffic, and pace of life, upon leaving Tulum. This is your brain at Playa Sonrisa. As for carrying cash, just use an ounce of common sense and nobody will bother you.

Naturist has those "magic hands" that seem to find your trouble spots on their own, and manage to apply "Goldilocks" pressure. Can I arrange for a massage on the beach? Chetumal is approximately 2. Please do not expect to borrow kitchen cutlery, plates, etc. Bags of ice are usually available at a tienda in the village, but no guarantee. Commercial air service is also available to Chetumal connecting through Mexico City. All we ask is that you cover your consumption in cash dating order that we can replace those supplies for the next guest.

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Our overnight lows in "winter" only dip down to the 60s, or on rare occasions into the upper 50s. The closest cell al is in Mahahual, about a 1 hr drive. You can see the geography here: Google Maps. Fortunately we usually enjoy a fresh offshore breeze which keeps the insects seeking refuge in the jungle not on the beach at least until around sunset.

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From there you can rent a car and travel the modern highways and good ro to Playa Sonrisa in under 5 hours. Xcalak is a very tiny "fishing village" with a seasonal tourist influx. Follow the road south another 55km to the T in the road, turn east towards the ocean left and proceed 2 km into Xcalak. The best access is to fly into Cancun. Even our prices are casual!

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Yes the beach road can be rough, but is passable in small cars even in rainy conditions. What about internet Wi-Fi? As you enter the village, go left around the soccer field and continue to the waterfront.

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No problem with battery chargers for cameras, laptops, etc. Guests often ask what can they bring us parts we might need, current magazines, good chocolate, etc.

Hidden beach au naturel resort

Continue north through town, meander around the lighthouse and jog a half block over to the bridge where the north beach road begins. Nataly is a multi-lingual Canadian with an impressive physical therapist for Cirque du Soleil, followed by several years plying her trade in the Tulum area and is now living full time in Xcalak. They may ask you to step out of the car for an inspection and may wish to open the trunk, a suitcase, or beer cooler ever hopeful for donations - just politely say no but most tourists just get waived through.

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The situation - given that it is a 2. Please note: we do not collect a commission or accept kick-backs from 3rd party service providers. Should we fly into Cancun or is Belize City closer? Prices include Continental Breakfast Buffet and purified bottled drinking water in guest rooms and with meals.

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And is lunch available on those days? You can always take it home with you if you don't need it.


No Vendors No Gawkers No Jet Skis No Karaoke No Worries! Xcalak is about 8 km north of the channel separating Mexico from the island of Ambergris Caye, Belize. World Class Dating Diving See: www. And these months bring the return of cooler nights to go along with pleasant days, and continued off-peak pricing. Our activities revolve around the sparkling Caribbean sea.

Of course there are a few bad apples anywhere you go, and poverty does invite petty pilfering, so keep your cash on your person while in transit, don't leave it unattended in your luggage even in a locked car. But Harder To Leave! If you see the PEMEX gas station, you went past the turn, but this is 'last chance' for gasoline and we recommend you top off your tank here.

Depending on how late your flight arrives in Cancun, it might be wise to plan an overnight stay in Playa Mexico Carmen or Tulum, as it's a more enjoyable drive in daylight. Limit 21 nights. Although we are not far from the border, flying to Belize City is no closer than Cancun - with the added complication of a border crossing - so not naturist practical option unless your agenda already takes you there.

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We make ice cubes the old fashioned way, in small trays with purified waterand is intended only for drinks purchased in the bar - coolers cannot be filled. Thank You for Supporting Playa Sonrisa! Vibrant Reef Colorful Tropical Fish. But 'chilly' is a relative term - Canadians laugh albeit politely. And what better time for a beach vacation than summer? Our only motivation is to have our guests thoroughly enjoy their visit to Playa Sonrisa.

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Note: you may encounter a military checkpoint near this junction or the next. Yes it is remote - and that's the allure of it! Of course your may vary, and that also understates your total cash needs to for offsite meals, excursions, massages, etc.

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Here's a map: Airport to Playa Sonrisa to give a general idea of the trip but please rely on the detailed Driving Directions below which will also be ed to you for printing out along with your Reservation Confirmation.

True Vegans - absolutely no animal products tolerated - should choose a destination with more resources. Honor Bar Pour your own Reading lights next to all beds. You are certainly welcome to bring whatever you want, just give consideration to the following : A There are no kitchenettes or mini-fridges in the guest rooms, so if you plan to make lunches, etc. What other restaurant options are in the area? Currently since Jan we are blessed with a resident masseuse with excellent skills - by unanimous consensus - and a portable massage table.

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Mexico recommend taking the new "cuota" toll road that is a bypass around FCP. You won't go all the way to Bacalar or Chetumal unless you miss this turn. And chocolate! Not everyone makes it to the remote destinations. You are welcome dating provide your own drinks to enjoy in your room or outside on the beach. January - Feb - March Commonly referred to as "High Season" it's most popular not because the weather is perfect here, but because it is far from perfect up north and many snowbirds want to escape from the cold.

The best travel advice we've ever heard: Bring half as many clothes and twice as much cash as you "think" you'll need! Please Note: The kitchen is closed am noon and pm. Naturist km 62 miles south of Tulum is the busy town of Felipe Carrillo Puerto.

Most people assume we ask for onsite payments in cash because we are trying to avoid taxes, which I assure you is not the case. We are thrilled to have her, and her skills, in the community! Will my cell phone connect?

Please bring cash.

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Continue 7 km north of the bridge to Playa Sonrisa And YES - it is worth the trip! Just bring a lightweight pair of long pants to cover your legs in the evenings, and insect repellent if you are one of those people who mosquitos prefer most. When is rainy season? Don't be alarmed, just tell them you are "turista" going to Xcalak.

Familiarize yourself with the local rules

November - December When the rains go away, so do the bugs. Currently there is NO phone service in Xcalak, no land-lines or cellular service. Please feel free to leave our address - playasonrisa yahoo.