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With no money or clout, what started as a cheap exploitation film managed to, like, totally click with a generation — and produce an unconventional superstar. The movie just meant to capitalize on the Valley Girl fad at the time. By Ashley Spencer. Four shots of nude breasts.

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The die-hard lovers of the original should be grateful to the remake for getting them to re-release it. It felt so real and authentic, it had an edge to it that was unexpected, and of course, I fell completely in love with Nicholas Cage. What do you hope audiences take away from your film? We also gave Randy his band. I was looking for people who had genuine creativity and weirdness, not overly polished.

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Refinery Describe the first time you watched the original Valley Girl — what stuck out to you? The dirty punk edge that the original had is part of what I love about it so the last thing I wanted to do was flatten those characters and make them less interesting. The musical has been in the works for a while — what was the process of getting it made?

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Skip ! How do you cast Nicholas Cage without casting Nicholas Cage? Do you think that has anything to do with the film being directed by a woman?

Valley girl

At the time, it felt this glimpse into what it really was to be a teenager, and a peek into this whole subculture of the Valley. The project sat on a shelf for two or three years until the company emerged from its financial woes.

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Her phone background shows her cuddling a particularly fluffy one, and if she could, sh. Ahead, Talkington and Goldenberg share their memories of the original film, and the importance of having women in charge on the remake. To me, one of the most memorable scenes — that haunted me and scared me a little bit — is the one between Elizabeth Daly and Michael Bowen.

Swoon Over Michael B. Michael B. Jordan has always been heart-achingly fine.

I actually had a similar experience in high school going from my small town into the nearest dirty city of Wooster, MA, and going to these punk shows and falling in love with the scene, and realizing that the world can be bigger. If some young girl or guy sees that and gets inspired that would be the dream.

Valley Girl was never available digitally until a couple of weeks ago, so hopefully it will be discovered by a new generation.

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He just has that unexpected strangeness that I was really attracted to for this role. We meet him a little bit earlier and see his world a little bit more than the original did. The only way you could get the movie was to bid on old copies.

And now, fans will finally have the pleasure of seeing their favorite Black Hollywood darling giving. In the original he totally feels like a guy who was in a band but it was never stated or seen. I tried to infuse that into the remake. I cried through most of the new movie CODA. It was super important for me to bring the specificity and oddball nature of the characters and not have Randy feel too cleaned up or Disney-fied.

For all the cast I was looking for people who were going to bring more than what was on the and surprise me.

When ‘valley girl’ (and nicolas cage) shook up hollywood

Spoilers are ahead. For example, the dynamic of the different worlds. But we fleshed out those parts of Julie and Randy in a conscious way.

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Making her a woman just spoke to what I was excited about in making the film. The original did such a great job of the Valley vs.

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As it turns out, that was the easy part of what would become an uphill battle to get the film out into the world. How do you take that and make your own thing while staying true to the vibe of the original? Mild spoilers ahead.

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Screenwriter Amy Talkington was nine months pregnant when she pitched her vision for a musical Valley Girl remake — more than a decade ago. That was so thrilling! Amy Talkington: I was a tween in Dallas sitting on our leather couch, and my phone rang and it was my best friend. You can be really expressionistic with the music, period de, and choreography.

Valley Girl is such an iconic film. Were they dancing on fountains?

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What were you looking for in terms of casting? Hollywood and what that feels like and looks like.

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Being a woman in a male-led superhero movie is risky business. But then an L. It was such a cool and serendipitous way to kick off this whole project. One thing that was important to me to work into this reimagining was making it not just a love story. Talkington wrote her draft, a director was attached to helm the project — and then, inMGM Studios went bankrupt. Many of my memories are connected to music.

'valley girl': watch the first trailer from the musical adaptation of the '80s classic

Are you hoping that this movie will help a new generation discover the original? As the only hearing membe. What other elements did you update to give it a more modern twist? As a director who loves all the different tools of storytelling, a period musical just gives you all those elements.

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Get up and do some bad 80s dance moves!