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How old am I: I am 42
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Ethnicity: Philippine
My sexual identity: Man
Music: Techno
I like piercing: Surface piercing
Smoker: No

Sackrin posted in Child Support on Friday, January 18,

About me

I have two childern with my ex wife. Rules: To post, you must be using the same e-mail address in your post and Paypal.

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I have a build like a tennis player. New Zealand Sperm Donors. My profession has been computer consulting but I could have done anything I wanted in life, doctor, lawyer, professor, or whatever.

Sperm donor sought for child support

I live near Tampa. I have drunk socially at times but not to intoxication except when I was a teen. India sperm donors2. I never missed a day of work due to illness and haven't even caught the flu in 20 years though I have caught a day cold a few times. Not looking to be involved with parenting at all. If you are interested in havingplease let me know. I am also willing to help both women in a same sex couple, I have helped one sex couple both get pregnant.

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My family history is clean of any major health issues. My genetic characteristics are:. Europe Sperm donor. S dollar fee.

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Post most be address to psd luckymail. I am in perfect health and always have been. I am Puerto Rican, pictures available upon request. I am originally from the Midwest now living in Tampa, Fl. I am athletic and played basketball and football in high school.

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I leave that up to the mother. I am in good health and I've never had an STD. You can contact me at beholder gmail. Live in the Tampa bay area.

Will the donor sperm have parental rights in a “do it yourself” artificial insemination under florida law?

We have had no twins in my family line either. I have helped 8 women so far become pregnant. I am a non-violent laid back, warm, and caring person and I have a lot more empathy for others than most men.

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Puerto Rico Sperm Donors. I have very good self control; I manage money well, I do not smoke or use drugs and never have. I am located in South Florida, Fort Lauderdale. I am drug and disease free, discreet, and can either be known to the child or not. Also, none of my family, even distant family that I know of has ever given birth to a physically or mentally handicapped child.

I came across an ad on the internet of people needing sperm-donors that could not have children on their own, this made me feel very compassionate about this topic and I decided I wanted to help. Prefer anonymity. Thank you for your support, we have decided that in order to serve better, we need to charge a fee to filter real people that are serious in helping and looking.

Surrogate Mother Wanted.

UK sperm donors. I am looking to pass along my genes for future generations, and would willingly give my sperm to anyone out there who wants a baby. California sperm donor. I am in the Tampa Bayea in Ar Florida. California sperm wanted. I am 5'9",reasonably fit, brown hair, very blue eyes.

Good golfer, go to gym times per week. Australia Sperm Wanted. Australia Sperm Donors. Name: Antonio amas. NI or PI only.

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Insemination was done artificially and at the mother's home. Location: Miami, FL. Picture: optional ; must be only one picture. I am open to couples same sex male-female, and single females.

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Educated, sophisticated, accomplished, eloquent, ambitious surgeon. My background is Irish, Swedish, and Scottish. Search this site. I would not have unprotected sex with anyone while I am donating to you, and I would not be involved in your child's life after conception.

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After sending the post and payment fee using paypal to: psd luckymail. I recently had 4 s of blood tests done and everything was normal. I have never been the mucho athletic type and I am not bulky and hairy but I have always been fit, physically active, and slim and have the same slim weight as I have had in college.

I have a muscular build, blue eyes, and brown hair.

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Costa Rica Sperm Donors. Please contact me today if you are interested, and we can meet somewhere public to determine if I am a good fit for your needs. Sri Lanka sperm donors.

Starting February 15, ; Privatesperm. I am willing to impregnate you via NI. I want to make a difference in this world, and I believe that difference is giving someone the gift of with my sperm. Will abdicate any parental rights and do not want financial responsibility. I have been a sperm donor in the past and would like to again help a single woman or lesbian couple have. Age, race, nor body sizes matters for me to help them. How did I choose to become a donor? Canada Sperm Donors. Currently we are only accepting paypal for the fee. I have helped 4 women so far in which 3 are pregnant and one has a 4 month old baby.

I am educated with 2 bachelor degrees and a doctorate. My name is Rick, my us Tampa yahoo.

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Florida Sperm Donor. I live in the central FL area5'11'' brown hair blue eyes, athletic, lbs. I have successfully donated in the past with just a single attempt. Please me at: johnjohnabc1 yahoo. And tall seems to be the predominate outcome. Contact me at trent xebecentertainment. I live in South Florida.

There is no baldness in my family line. You post will be online ASAP for 90 days! Canada Sperm Wanted. UK Sperm Wanted. Thanks for understanding. Location flexible, open to travel.