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Wolf Conservation Center, New York. West Shore - Lake Tahoe, California.

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Finished fish before before brooding. Tan scrap of cloth, darkened as if wet or oily. Back to nest after partial face removal, Rosie feeds the chicks. Striped bass brought to cable by RIchmond, then brought to nest, faceless, at Chicks fed, fish removed by RIchmondthen apparently lost. Brought to boom per ATN. Species ID unknown. Richie gave headless Striper to Rosie atshe took it to the strut to eat and brought it back at Brought to cable to eat a bit, then to Rosie in the nest, who flew off with it. Tail end brought back or uncovered onthe next morning. Large striper with no face. All are thriving!

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Removed by Rosie ca on May Brought to nest nearly whole, Richmond removes face while on the nest then Rosie commences feeding. Back to nest, headless, breakfast for all at Arrival at nestmostly intact large striper. Taken away by RIchmond back to nest Richie brought whole Striper to the nest. Brought to nest by Richmond. Back no takers and again for another snack for chicks. Possible this is the same as the earlier fish, but it's a pretty big piece. fish tail still on the nest.

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Still on the nest atwhen Rosie gets up to feed the chicks. Exchange Lack of prominent bands in fins, thus not Starry Flounder. Not ID'ed to species. Fish taken away by Rosie Back to nest again at, and ! Partially eaten coming to nest.

Taken away by RIchie, then back to nestto feed the family. Big headless striper brought to nest.

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Brought to cablethen to nest for ID From toRichmond was spotted chasing off an intruder while still carrying the fish. Fish removedback at Chicks feeding at FIsh taken away again, then returned to nest ca for feeding. Rosie took one bite, then Richie left again with the fish. Taken away, then returned to nest about for feeding, chicks fed again Head removed, but otherwise complete, this must be a new one left at the nest Feeding chicks atagain at Striper with no face brought to nest.

Fish stays on the nest for periodic feedings and adult snacks through the morning and early afternoon. Brought to nest mostly intact, taken away, then back to nest, last remnant taken away by Richmond at Spotted on cable via ATNbrought to nest Three chicks fed, fish taken away by RIchmond about Brought to nest, headless.

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Later ID'd as a detached section of pants leg. Photographed on boom cable by DianneA on-site Brought to nest Baby's first feeding! Brought to nest intact, then taken away immediately to boom cable. Brought to nest to warn off interloper. Possibly indentations in tailfin for CA Halibut. Three chicks hatched May 1st, 3rd, and 5th. Rear half only brought to nest by Richmond. Both parents present as Rosie began to feed 1st chick. Rosie fed nestlings, self. Taken away to cable by Richmond, then back to nest for more family feeding at Brought to nest nearly intact, delivery interrupted by intruder, Mom feeds kids from remains of fish, new fish left on nest while RIchmond runs off the unwelcome guest.

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Richmond feeds Rosie againchicks also fed. Then repo'd. Stayed while Rosie fed the kids mostly.

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Rosie and the kids eat. Brought to nest briefly to entice Rosie from the eggs? Remaining end finally taken away by Richmond Fresh intact striper brought to nest for just a moment, then taken away to boom cable. Another whole striper brought to the nest by Richmond, who immediately took it away to the boom cable.

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Headless Striper brought to nest by Richie. For more please see our FAQ. Remnant mantle of likely sub-adult gull brought to nest as lining material by Richmond. Brought back to nest sans head Everyone fed, fish removed by Richmond at Richmond brings back tail end at Striped bass brought to nest, taken away immediately, then brought back headlessanother richie-feeds-rosie moment at chicks being fed at fish leaves, returns richie feeds rosie again fish left on nest chicks feeding again at Brought to nest very bloody, head partly eaten Chicks feeding at and remnant taken away by Richmond chicks feeding again just the tail end left at Red plastic caution tape-type streamer brought to nest.

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Back to nest, headless,for big family feed. Feeding ensues.

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Rosie feeds the chicks. Richmond leaves with fish Back to nest bychicks fed. Spotted on boom cable nest arrival ; Rosie n chicks had it until when Richie repo'd it. Seems to be, already, the 2nd jacksmelt of the day.