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The transformation was used in the final calculation of CBF in absolute units. Together, the data raise the possibility that mechanisms underlying plasticity of blood flow and brain volume in humans are partially independent, and increased blood flow is not solely driven by a larger size of the brain region. Our reinforce the importance of aerobic fitness during a critical period of child development.

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It is possible that these findings extend to children, such that aerobic fitness relates to greater perfusion in flirt hippocampus, which may suggest improved microcirculation, cerebral vasculature, and function. Resulting CBF maps were visually inspected for data Champaign and clearly corrupted images were excluded. In humans, physical activity and aerobic fitness are associated with a greater of small-caliber vessels Bullitt et al.

See Fig. For interpretation of the references to color in this figure legend, the reader is referred to the web version of this article. The aerobic fitness of each child was measured as maximal oxygen consumption VO 2 max during a graded exercise test GXT. Oxygen consumption was measured using a computerized indirect calorimetry system ParvoMedics True Max with averages for VO 2 and respiratory exchange ratio RER assessed every 20 s.

Yet as a variety of molecular and cellular cascades accompany hippocampal changes with aerobic exercise, we can only speculate about the biological mechanisms underlying increased perfusion. Here we suggest that these associations may extend to population during a critical period of maturation. Thus, different child fitness spectrums in each study may lead to different and outcomes.

Linear regressions fitness employed to test associations between aerobic fitness and hippocampal CBF average, anterior, posterior and brainstem CBF, when controlling for age, sex, and volume. In particular, we used arterial spin labeling ASL perfusion MRI to provide a quantitative measure of blood flow in the hippocampus in 73 7- to 9-year-old preadolescent children.

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For instance, blocking the secretion of vascular endothelial growth factor VEGFa neurotrophic molecule involved in blood vessel growth Lopez-Lopez et al. We are the first to explore the plasticity of perfusion in the anterior and posterior hippocampus in children. The top slice was positioned superior to the corpus callosum so that the slices covered the temporal lobes of the brain, including the hippocampus. Like the hippocampus, the brainstem is a subcortical structure in the midbrain included in our ASL slice acquisition, yet this region has not been found to relate to aerobic fitness.

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Whereas the present study provides a first step in understanding the predictive power of aerobic fitness in hippocampal perfusion during child development, questions still remain regarding the associations among individual differences in aerobic fitness, hippocampal structure and function, and performance on specific memory tasks e. Volumetric and functional magnetic resonance imaging MRI techniques provide some clues, such that higher fit children show larger brain volumes in the hippocampus and basal ganglia Chaddock et al.

We also explored specificity of the relationship of fitness to the hippocampus and demonstrated, as predicted, no ificant association between aerobic fitness and brainstem CBF. Our raise the possibility that aerobic fitness plays a role in vascularization of the hippocampus during childhood. Additionally, our data raise the possibility that extreme group differences in aerobic fitness e.

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Studies suggest a positive benefit of aerobic exercise on brain vasculature in animals Black et al. Thus, we included age and sex as covariates in the regression model. Such suggest improved microcirculation and cerebral vasculature in preadolescent children with higher levels of aerobic fitness. All segmentations were visually checked for errors. Ninety-one children were eligible for the study. It is possible that some fitness-related differences in cerebral blood flow may be mediated, in part, by neurogenesis.

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Learn More. A series of 60 images 30 tag and 30 control was acquired for a total scan duration of 4 min. We hypothesized that aerobic fitness in 7- to 9-year-old preadolescent children would be associated with increased resting CBF in the hippocampus.

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Prior to acquisition, shimming was performed over a region that extended from the imaging slices to the tagging plane. To add specificity to the relationship of fitness to the hippocampus, we demonstrate no ificant association between aerobic fitness and cerebral blood flow in the brainstem. To provide additional specificity to a fitness-CBF relationship, we also measured CBF in the brainstem as a control region. This hypothesis cannot be directly tested with traditional BOLD techniques, given that BOLD can change depending on a of factors related to Champaign metabolism and neural function, including blood volume, perfusion, blood velocity, and cerebral metabolic rate of oxygen Hoge et al.

Future work may look to incorporate flirt multi-delay labeling scheme to simultaneously estimate ATT and CBF, thus providing a more quantitatively accurate measure. This lack of CBF-volume association is also supported by a study Mozolic et al. The present study is the first to investigate whether increased cerebral blood flow CBF in the hippocampus is associated with aerobic fitness during fitness.

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Specifically, using ASL perfusion techniques, we demonstrate that higher levels of aerobic fitness are associated with increased cerebral blood flow in the microvasculature of the hippocampus in 7- to 9-year-old children, independent of age, sex, and hippocampal volume.

Further, measures of cerebral blood volume have been said to provide an in vivo correlate of neurogenesis Pereira et al. Cognitively, increased hippocampal CBF has been linked to higher task performance on a spatial memory task in middle-aged and older adults Heo et al. For example, voluntary wheel running in rodents has been found to enhance learning and memory van Praag et al. Eighteen children were excluded from the analysis due to excessive head motion during the ASL scan. Consistent with our predictions, aerobic fitness was associated with greater cerebral blood flow in children.

Next, the hippocampus and brainstem were segmented with 30 and 40 modes of variation, respectively.

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In fact, angiogenesis and neurogenesis are tightly linked Louissaint et al. It is interesting that the relationship between aerobic fitness and hippocampal CBF was independent of hippocampal volume, and resting CBF in the flirt was not related to the volume of the hippocampus. To achieve accurate segmentation, the FIRST methodology models manually segmented and labeled T 1 -weighted brain images from normal children, adults, and pathological populations obtained from the Center for Morphometric Analysis, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston as a point distribution model with the geometry and variation of the shape fitness each structure submitted as priors.

We also note that the parameters Champaign the ASL sequence in this study used a short post-label delay for the tagging scheme employed. Further, aerobic fitness may influence how the brain regulates its metabolic demands via blood flow in a region of the brain important for learning and memory. We postulate that increased blood water delivery and availability in the hippocampus, as a function of higher aerobic fitness, may be due to more blood vessels in this region.

1. introduction

FIRST searches through linear combinations of shape modes of variation for the most probable shape i. Volumetric labels are parameterized by a 3D deformation of a surface model based on multivariate Gaussian assumptions. Children completed a VO 2max test to assess aerobic fitness. However, choice of ATT simply provides a scaling factor in CBF calculations and would not affect the relationships presented here. Our do not suggest compelling specificity of fitness on anterior or posterior perfusion independent of volumewith a ificant positive association between fitness and posterior hippocampal CBF and a marginal positive relationship between fitness and anterior hippocampus.

In fact, angiogenesis has been directly coupled with cerebral blood volume Dunn et al.

Aerobic fitness is associated with greater hippocampal cerebral blood flow in children

Hence, here we use arterial spin labeling ASL perfusion MRI to provide a quantitative measure of blood flow and a more direct link to local neuronal activity Alsop and Detre, Specifically, an ASL al arises from the delivery of magnetically tagged arterial water into an imaging slice of interest, where the blood water exchanges in the tissue. The y coordinate from the center-of-gravity calculation was used to divide the region into anterior and posterior sections Erickson et al.

The resulting mask for each participant was used to calculate equilibrium magnetization in the ventricles. In general, during an ASL scan, one or more radiofrequency RF pulses excite water molecules in arterial blood water in upstream blood i.

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The present study is the first to investigate whether cerebral blood flow in the hippocampus relates to aerobic fitness in children. A of studies have reported successful use of the ASL technique in children Helton et al. Average hippocampal CBF and average hippocampal volume were used in subsequent analyses.

Eligible children were required to 1 report an absence of school-related learning disabilities i.

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A legal guardian also provided written informed consent in accordance with the Institutional Review Board of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Bivariate correlation analyses were conducted using Pearson product-moment correlation coefficients between the descriptive variables age, sex, SESaerobic fitness VO 2maxhippocampal CBF, hippocampal volume, brainstem CBF, and brainstem volume to determine appropriate covariates.

This is affected by the arterial transit time ATTwhich is the time it takes for blood to travel from labeling plane to image voxel. Children were recruited from schools in East-Central Illinois.

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Still, little is known about the neural mechanisms by which aerobic fitness influences the developing brain during childhood. For example, in addition to changes in vasculature, aerobic exercise is known to increase cell proliferation and cell survival Cotman and Berchtold,Ding et al.

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During the pCASL scan, the slices were oriented axially, perpendicular to the vertebral arteries. A tissue with higher perfusion likely has higher blood volume to sustain the perfusion; however, flow also depends on how quickly the blood passes through the tissue, usually quantified in terms of mean transit time. The offset between the center Champaign the imaging slices and the labeling plane was 70 mm and a post-label delay of ms was used, although this delay has since been considered short for flirt studies with pCASL Alsop et al.

Anterior and posterior sections of the hippocampus were calculated by determining the center of gravity for both the left and right hippocampus for each participant. This was estimated in a separate calibration process using the unlabeled control images from the data by measuring the equilibrium magnetization in the CSF in the ventricles and converting to the equivalent blood value ing for differences in T 1 relaxation time and proton densities MacIntosh et al.

Despite our result that aerobic fitness is related to increased hippocampal blood flow in children, we acknowledge limitations of the study, including the choice of an ATT of ms fitness in post-processing CBF quantification.

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Indeed, aerobic fitness was found to relate fitness greater perfusion in the hippocampus, independent of age, sex, and hippocampal volume. The acquisition also included a fat saturation pulse to remove al contamination from subcutaneous fat.

Thus, we did not predict an association between aerobic fitness and brainstem CBF. Given these hypotheses, the present study will provide insight into a potential cerebrovascular mechanism by which aerobic fitness enhances flirt health in children. Although we measured cerebral blood flow rather than cerebral blood volume, we expect perfusion and blood volume to be closely related via the Central Volume Theorem Newman et al.

The tool performed a tag-control subtraction to remove the static tissue contribution, and the resulting time series was used to calculate relative CBF by inversion of the standard model for delivery of the ASL label Buxton et al. Participation in physical activity and higher levels of aerobic fitness are associated with superior scholastic achievement, cognitive control, and memory in children Buck et al. We specifically focused on CBF in the hippocampus, in Champaign of converging evidence that demonstrates positive physical activity-related brain changes in the hippocampus in rodents and humans across the lifespan Bugg and Head,Burdette et al.

Modes of variation are optimized based on leave-one-out cross-validation on the training set, and they increase the robustness and reliability of the Patenaude et al. The difference between the tag image and the control image is the perfusion image, which reflects only blood flow, or CBF. Therefore, the perfusion image quantifies the amount of arterial blood delivered to each voxel in the slice within the post-label delay.