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To make your choices, you have to consider the real possibility that you are putting all the people close to you at risk. The risk of becoming infected with or transmitting SARS-CoV-2 varies according to several parameters, depending on whether :. If it is difficult to wear a mask in a casual or romantic relationship, it is important to keep the mask on when meeting parents or grandparents, colleagues, clients, patients.

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Social isolation is difficult to live with, is a source of discomfort for a large majority of individuals, and can lead to a deterioration in the state of mental and physical health. The idea of an occasional or loving relationship makes one forget the risk of the disease. Social distancing, an essential tool for reducing the spread of COVID is difficult to comply with over a long period of time and in the absence of an end date.

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When refraining from taking risks becomes impossible, it is advisable to evaluate the risks in order to reduce them as much as possible: evaluate the risks one takes for oneself but also the risks one forces others to take. The sudden disappearance of social places has made even more attractive exchange applications such as Zoom or HouseParty and dating applications such as Corona or OkCupid.

To reduce the risks, for oneself and especially for our loved ones and family members who may be more vulnerable, wearing a mask, interacting in ventilated areas, and distancing oneself are the best means of protection against COVID In the wake of the SARS-CoV-2 epidemic, the closure of bars, flirt, concert halls and discotheques, distance learning, and the large-scale development of teleworking have made it possible to implement social distancing, an essential measure to act as a barrier to COVID Under these conditions, how can we continue to meet and interact with others?

The risks are greatest if you live with others, see your parents and grandparents regularly, interact with colleagues, clients or patients, have a life rich in social contacts, and are not monogamous.

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To have sex is to take the risk of being contaminated or infecting. These applications have become remote exchange places to counter the imposed loneliness and to meet new people, and their use has exploded during confinement. Epidemiological study of cases of COVID and their close contacts in China: the secondary attack rate for contacts who were spouses of index cases was In 6 of them, or The risk of becoming infected with or transmitting SARS-CoV-2 varies according to several parameters, depending on whether : - we live alone, as roommates, or as a family, - we frequently see our parents or grandparents who are more vulnerable to COVID, - we work at home or, on the contrary, in a humanly dense environment, - we limit social contacts or, on the contrary, multiply outings and exchanges, - we tend to be rather monogamous or polygamous.

This literature review assesses the impact of information campaigns to reduce the risk of infection with a sexually transmitted disease, in this case HIV. Even if some campaigns raise awareness of the risks, they do not lead to the disappearance of risk-taking by individuals.

The temptation to physical contact is great. Indeed, in sexual encounters, it is obviously impossible to stay more than one meter away, it is very hard not to touch the same surfaces, and it is difficult to prevent contact of secretions through respitory openings, even with a mask. Since deconfinement, the trend has been towards a general loosening of social distancing, with more and more contact within a meter of each other.

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This disease can be transmitted during sexual intercourse through the nose, mouth, and eyes. To protect our loved ones, let's continue to apply barrier gestures as much as possible and, above all, wear a mask and visit our loved ones in well-ventilated places, which is the best protection against the transmission of COVID Social isolation and feeling alone are stressors that increase the risk of developing endocrine, cardiovascular and inflammatory pathologies, and increase the probability of mortality.

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