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This past spring, my inboxes began filling with messages from heartbroken women. I live in Germany. Someone is using your pictures for scamming! Her profile revealed a woman who looked to be near my age, late 40s, wearing black-framed glasses.

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Always in military. Says he has a daughter Wonder if they are the same.

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Along with many other scams that have been circulating over the past few years - I have several that would curl your hair. Then share it with your friends. Do you have a picture of David Miller I am talking to someone named Dave Miller. Been getting pictures and messages.

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Boy and girl with him in photos. A skn in Italy in school. Hey, can you share the photo of him? Said he is working as a sub contractor on a oil rig in the Mediterranean.

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Was he french? Wife cheated and son in boarding school in Canada. David William. Much may depend on the method it was transferred by. The one mentioned here - romance schemes - was perpetrated on my 89 year old dad. Look for obvious s - bad grammar, fake address the military will not have. I texted with David William for 2 years sent him money to fix a pipe on an oil rig in the UK. Met him on WWF sound familiar? Does anybody knows how to do that?

Do you have a pic of him so we could compare? Unfortunately recovering money sent in these schemes is usually impossible to recover. Same as you I'm chatting with him?

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Have been chatting with him and it seems that we all have the Oil thing in common! From LA. Do you have a picture want to compare notes I really want to just him out. Anyone know John Yagish or a similar. Has been professing love and wanting to send packages. He got way to personal way to quick! I have photos as well if anyone wants to chat and confirm info! Oil rig, North UK sea. Has a boy and a girl in a boarding school. Check out this video about how to spot and protect yourself from romance scams.

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Hi all, just found out my Wife has the same experience right now Unfortunately do not have pictures but all money are sent to some Nigerian name Maxwell Eguavoen Otamere - first transaction to in Germany and second in Italy Need to help her but how if she do not believe me?

He said he would buy a new machine coz the machine is broken. There's a guy by name aleksander Hamilton,at an offshore rig in Scotland ,as a doctor in the rig. Rig isn't listed but I'm sure his sweet talk is. Anyone have a picture of William david. Wants money to move barrels of oil!

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Spoke with him heavy accent claimed to be German. Anyone chatting with James Watson from Louisanna now in Spain? His name is Miller Godwin. Stop all correspondence now!

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Said his wife and ery young son were killed in a car. We exchanged photos and asked me to send I think I got scammed.

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Posing as Military personnel. Oil Rig based on Germany but lives in Wisconsin. I have just got into conversation with a David William. To date he was scammed out of 2 million dollars - and now - God rest his soul - he passed on August 6 - his whole estate gone.

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He confess his love to me immediately and he said his from New york and has a daughter in boarding school in UK and his wife was killed because of accident. Son in college in italy. Is there any ificance with asking for pictures? Always asking for bitcoin.

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Hi, I have been talking to a guy by the name of Dave Miller, claimed he is a contract supervisor on an oil rig in the Northern Ocean in UK. Wish I could post his pic. Hire out his drilling equipment for crude oil. Always a son.

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I met a guy on a language exchange app and the first thing he asked was to exchange pictures and he had a bogus story to explain why he did not want to video chat. I will really appreciate if you'd send me one. I have photos if you want to talk. This David William is a real sweet talker. He said that he is an estate manager and a contractor. Said he from Paris and lives in Edinburgh?

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Not asked for money but have just started chatting tonight. He had not asked for any money but was very upset to find out that I was talking to another person similar to him. Do you also have same experience with name Pedro Mirac?

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We have 3yo daughter and the whole situation is freaking me out David miller is a scammerhe's also a little off in the head. Would like to compare pics This one is not in military, claims he's on an oil rig.

Needing money.

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So watch the video, learn moreand pass it on. Divorced lives in LA. Over in Cyprus. Do you have a photo of David William? I have also been talking to a david willuam who says he from France, but was raised in Detroit, Michigan. Has a sick daughter in India for a transplant He had several pictures on the scammer site.

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I have been talking to a guy by the name Jun Tyler. But there are steps you can take — and then tell someone about. Send him nothing. I think it's the same guy I've been chatting with. I have another oil rig worker, Polish in the gulf of Mexico on Down water Horizon. I had the same one.

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Hi, can I see his photo please? I was scammed by a guy named David William too. Please help me i don't want to waste my time.! Be careful. Yeah his name is John Williams, also George, oh don't forget Howard they will take what ever you give them he wanted me too sale my car he needs 4, so he can fix his Machine selfie can come home It's laking. Goes by James William Pablo.