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But nearly of you filled out the survey. The were incredible—and fill the interactive map above. People conducted relationships from the ends of the earth, spanning years and ostensibly filling whole hard drives with video chats and text messages.

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What advice do you give to clients experiencing new challenges with long-distance relationships because of the pandemic? Both of those things are true. How can I help? Or for a partner who might not feel like they need a lot of communication, is that driven by anxiety?

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Do they wonder if their partner is thinking about them? We have to look at what is realistic. And for couples, quarantines and self-isolation might mean experiencing new kinds of distance. Think: Should I meditate? And they miss out on the truly connecting kinds of conversations: How are you feeling? Is it because their anxiety spinning out of control and making them feel insecure?

Cultivating intimacy in a long-distance relationship

Tell me about the people you talked to today or what you did. There is no substitute for being curled up on the couch with your partner.

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It goes both ways. One might feel like distance makes the heart grow fonder, while the other might get anxious that out of sight means out of mind. Or one partner wants to be in touch all the time and the other person needs more space.

You may also like. In addition to her regular clients, Gottlieb is receiving letters from tons of couples who are trying to figure out how to cope with the current climate. Take all the other aspects of life that you might engage in if you were in the same house—you might play a game of Scrabble, watch a show together, or cook together—and do those things over the phone or video call.

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For those in relationships that are suddenly long-distance for the first time, what kinds of issues can they expect to come up? What was that experience like for you? Like: Hey, when we start to emerge from this, what are some things do we want to do together? Why do they need so much communication?

Right now, we have to figure out how we can manage our anxiety without putting it all on our partner.

The ultimate crowdsourced map of long distance relationships

It helps to just be able to acknowledge to each other that this is very hard—not to be able to hug and kiss and be intimate, whatever it is. Do you find that people are relying more on their partners right now? And we have to remember there are ways not to completely lose the intimate parts of a relationship. Phone sex is a thing.

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What can couples do to stay engaged with each other during the pandemic? Or maybe a couple lives within driving distance, but the consequences of possibly spreading the virus are too high to risk it.

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Can I call a friend? For the emotional health of the relationship, we need to be able to recognize those two disparate things exist at the same time.