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Agritourism, the combination of agriculture and tourism, is growing in s and diversifying in product to include working farms and ranch visits, vineyards, wineries and breweries, pumpkin patches, orchards for farm festivals, corn mazes and u-pick fun. Be curious enough to book a farm stay and discover the many reasons why this family loves and works the land. Blooming trees, flowering blossoms and lilac fragrances may adorn a garden tour leading to a winery, where you can sip on the product of the vines. We make it easy for you to enjoy the flavors of the farmers markets, food festivals and farm and ranch experiences in North Dakota. for more about agritourism in North Dakota.

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The s betray the gender gap: Three North Dakota ladies versus 18 gentlemen posted profiles. Though it's too early to say if the concept works, one thing is sure: In postings, farmers and those tempted by the lifestyle can unabashedly show their true colors.

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In setting up their profiles, they can pick one of six farm-flavored default personality types, from "shy: hiding in the haystack" to "wild: meet me in the barn. Porter was not moving from the farm, where his great-grandfather first settled in the early s and where his family scattered the ashes of his grandfather. West Fargo.

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Miller says he's seen postings, with headings along the lines of "farmer seeks wife," that are borderline blunt, matter-of-factly listing household chores. Anecdotal evidence suggests area farmers have been logging on to dating sites for a while. A relationship would be nice, but his love for the land his great-grandfather tamed comes first, as echoed in his sing-song Singles in Agriculture directory posting: "Green acres is the place I'll be. Weckerly, a farmer in Hurdsfield, N.

But as a single college student in Fargo, "I never found a girl who wanted to marry a farmer. That's where farmersonly. Suggested Articles.

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Local small-town gatherings are not the answer, either: "That's the same old people, and most of them are married. Chances are, for some the Web site is not an initiation into online dating. Businesses To Follow. These days, farmers hit cyberspace to peddle goods through online classifieds, search for farm supply deals and keep ag-related blogs.

There just aren't many young females around. But he is loath to give out his credit card information to pay fees for matchmaking Web sites.

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It's hard to find women who want to be married to a piece of land. Trending Articles. Farm living is the life for me. Some opt for down-home poetry like "the sugar in your rhubarb pie. Yet quite a few, like Porter, venture into the disembodied medium of cyberspace, seeking solutions to the dating dilemmas of living in "the middle of nowhere.

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In May, Jerry Miller, an Ohio publicist for an alpaca breeders association launched farmersonly. They can find it hard to meet somebody who shares their values, appreciation for the unrefined rewards of farm life and the understanding that its rigorous schedule sets limits on unbridled romance.

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Members are greeted with a Fargo featuring a jollier version of Grant Wood's dour "American Gothic" farm ranchers. But more than a few area farmers picked the "romantic: let's watch the sunset together" slug to describe their personalities, and one Minnesota hog farmer dubbed himself "Romance Lover. Farmers with easy access to the city singles scene often find the problem is not entirely one of quantity. Written By: news inforum.

The challenges of juggling a farm and a love life are hardly breaking news, spawning rural myths such as the farmer who cut out a singles ad in his grain field in case lovelorn ladies should happen to fly overhead. Robbins, a self-described "country girl" in her 50s who now lives in the Twin Cities area, is dating veteran of the online singles scene.

Ladies pose on horseback and gentlemen grin next to their cows. Why wouldn't they resort to the Internet for help with transactions of the heart? This site is exclusively for farmers.

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With sons still more likely to take over family farms and stick around, guys face tougher odds of landing a ificant other. Porter, the Grandin grain farmer, ed up for the trial month of the service but says he's taking it easy. In Minnesota, eight ladies and 33 gentlemen ed. North Dakota and Minnesota singles, ranging in age from their teens to their 60s, have already ed on to farmersonly.

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Most fellow farmers can relate to this visceral connectedness to the land. Go ahead, write me. The most common peeve: The odds of meeting somebody with a love for the farm life in the wildly diverse community of cyberdaters are even slimmer than in a bustling Fargo bar. Now, a new matchmaking site, farmersonly.

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About 60 percent of North Dakota farmers access the Internet, according to Agricultural Statistics Board data, compared to half as many just five years ago. She readily diagnoses its widest-spread malady: unrealistic expectations. But ever-shrinking farming communities mean smaller dating pools and longer work hours. Miller figures farmers are spending plenty of time online, anyway. Area females chose nicknames such as "sodbuster," "redneck woman" and "a simple country girl" "no frills, no high society, no drama".

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Plus, in the malleable anonymity of cyberspace, "What you see is not always what you get. Restaurants and Bars. Government and Politics. Joel Porter, a grain farmer in Grandin, N. Entering cyberspace might help him shake up a dating landscape that mostly lacks the sweeping sense of possibility in the air of his acre family farm. Says Jeff Missling, executive vice president of the North Dakota Farm Bureau Fargo office: "Unless you had a high school sweetheart you settled down with or met the person in college, it's pretty tough.

Redneck Woman" and "have tractor need rider. Porter's yearlong e-mail dalliance with a New York professional tapered off.

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Dating sites routinely lure potential members with images of chiseled, airbrushed young people, and, "Everyone is looking for Barbie or Ken. Shutting down the farm to indulge in a romantic escapade is clearly not an option. Porter, 43, knows trolling the youthful Fargo bar scene is not for him, and he scoffs at dubious big-city inventions such as speed dating. She was not too eager to tour rural North Dakota.

Rose Robbins of the Northern Great Plains chapter of Singles in Agriculture, a social club for farmers, estimates that of the chapter's 40 core members, at least 15 have experimented with online dating.