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The Torrance Public Library would like to know the hours and services most preferred by the community. Help us better serve you by completing a quick survey. Learn More. the Little Sisters of Hoboken as they try to raise some much needed funds for the convent by presenting a "talent" show.

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The minute tour will take you to several landmarks and expand your knowledge about the city. I always take several things home to eat later. What follows is my local perspective on the best things to do in Torrance. Therefore, they must be good. Admission and parking are free. Try one of their blossoming teas. They have products from 60 farms plus flowers, honey, baked goods, nuts, candy, fish, eggs, prepared food, an international food court, and live music.

Most of these areas were drained in order to develop living and business complexes.

Creative date ideas and fun things to do in torrance, ca

This is a good opportunity to learn more about the culture of the country. I love to ride along this trail! Admission is free. When I told my husband, I was writing an article about things to do in Torrance, he told me not to forget about The Jolly Oyster. Opened from Wednesday to Saturday afternoons. I am not a beer drinker, so I cannot really tell you which place is better. This market is huge! You can find cosmetics, perfumes, clothes, shoes, and bags as well as automotive, gardening, locksmithing, and hardware store items.

Things to do in torrance, california: terrific ideas!

For pastries and donuts, ahemwe go to the Torrance Bakery. Please note: This article contains affiliate links, meaning I may earn a commission if you make a purchase by clicking a link. An on-site nature center provides information about the creatures calling home the area and facilitates different types of activities hikes, workshops, etc. I visit the area mainly to eat. We used to stop when driving back from Santa Barbara. If you enjoy browsing for antiques and unique objects in a lively environment, then you have to stop by the Torrance Antique Street Faire.

After lunch or dinner, stroll around the streets or pay a visit to Del Prado Park. We adore Oaxacan food and it is great to have tlayudas, mole negro, and tasajo close to home. We were beyond excited when Madre Oaxacan Restaurant opened in the area. Open from Wednesday to Saturday afternoons. But, let me tell you that the places I am mentioning below are alive, thriving, and expanding. Note: The tour is offered from May to October.

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Well, in my case, I almost cried with happiness when I entered the Alpine Village. Then, he repeated the same thing 20 times. My husband and I love By Brazila churrasqueria known for its home cooking and flavorful meat, chicken, and pork cuts. The market sells about 30 types of sausages some prepared on-sitepotato dumplings, spaetzle, pickled items, and much more. Bring the entire family to this fun event. We meet with friends at Red Car. For something different, I recommend visiting the Chado Tea Room. This monthly event 4th Sunday gathers vendors and attracts thousands to Old Town Torrance.

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The market takes place every Tuesday and Saturday from a. You can spend a decent amount of time browsing the halls and taking advantage of the samples usually during the weekends.

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Torrance Historical Society — offers local exhibits and archives. They sell electronics cosmetics and pharmaceutical goods. Photo by Nandano. As a consequence, it is an exciting place to explore think beaches, eateries, and markets when visiting Southern California. I am not sure if another city in the area has as many breweries as Torrance. In addition, it is a stop for migrating birds. Torrance Art Museum — focuses on the contemporary art of Southern California.

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And, we cannot forget to mention the food court serving everything from ramen to tempura. Opened Tuesday to Friday. The place provides a habitat for birds, insects, frogs, reptiles, and small mammals. The quiet streets are sprinkled with businesses, residences, trees, parks, and monuments to local heroes. The original planned community survives in what is known as Old Town. In the early s, a real estate mogul called James Sydney Torrance took the chance to develop a community south of Los Angeles.

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Come hungry because you will need space in your stomach to tackle all the offerings. Sometimes, a food truck makes a stop or a taquero is serving delicious morsels. You will need to find out for yourself. Therefore, this marsh is a rare example of how things used to be. Torrance is one of the leaders of the craft beer movement in Los Angeles. The food here is phenomenal. Additional parking can be found at a lot, located at the intersection of Redondo Beach Boulevard and Crenshaw Boulevard.

15 best things to do in torrance, california

TV and movie fans will be interested in knowing that Torrance High School has been featured in several well-known productions. You have the opportunity to sample a lot of different things and try things you have never tried before. They have a big local following and excellent reviews. Wilson Park. : Torrance Breweries. My husband was elated when they opened a market in our backyard. These breweries are usually located in an industrial zone and facilities are warehouse style.

I am pretty sure you are familiar with the concept but, if not, this is a place where used objects are sold or exchanged.

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In season, there is a cafe and beach rental shack on-site. If your preferences are along with the art, history, and culture subjects, it is possible to sharpen your knowledge of those areas by visiting one of the museums in the city of Torrance. However, this place is more than a supermarket. The preserve is open to the public every day except Monday from a.

Mitsuwa is a supermarket chain with one of the largest selections of imported Japanese goods in the United States. The idea is to acquire a good at a lower price than usual. The Roadium covers a big space and it is well organized.


The market is opened daily but the biggest of vendors set up stalls during the weekends. Opened Tuesday to Sunday. If you have visited Germany, Hungary, Austria, Czechia, and other countries in Central Europe, you wonder how you will survive without sausages, sauerkraut, and goulash once date get back home. Offerings can be new or never used. I am not sure if it is local pride but, in my opinion, they are not as good as Torrance Farmers Market. The other nice thing is that the Riviera Village, an area with more than 20 restaurants, is located a couple of blocks away.

California Museum of Fine Art — museum and gallery showcasing works of global artists. Standing by itself, next Torrance a 99 Cents store, you will find Hop Saint. If you feel hungry, you either can grab something at the prepared food section the selection is mind-blowing or pick a stall at the food court. The fair has been going strong for 20 years and it is a South Bay favorite. Of course, this comes at no extra cost to you and helps me to keep offering solid information to readers. Please support small businesses by buying from one or more vendors.

Confirm details a couple of days before the tour date. The Madrona Marsh showcases the marshland that used to cover the coastal plains spots Southern California. This beach is less hectic than others in the South Bay so, it is a good place to spend the day without having to share your space with hundreds of people.

The building gained notoriety for serving as the high school on the popular Beverly Hills, series. As a city of more thanresidents, believe me when I say Torrance has a plethora of attractions, facilities, and open spaces available to the public. His investment paid off since the area incorporated as the City of Torrance in and grew in size through annexing different pieces of land. Since you are on Torrance Beach, you can use the trail to bike to nearby beach cities.