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I came back and told her I forgot to get napkins just to get a conversation going and she smiled in return. I got up to go get some paper napkins and I could sense her eyes following me. After about 10 minutes, the lady came and sat opposite to me with her food tray. Her son was in college and was staying in a dorm and her husband travels all week for his work and she was left alone at home. I ordered my food and took a high chair on a long table and settled down to have my lunch when I saw this Indian lady walk in talking on the phone animatedly.

It seemed that she was looking for a job and got called for an interview by a company in the adjacent office building and they cancelled the interview at the last minute. Usually, it is just me at the office taking client calls.

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She hung up the call after about 5 minutes of sitting down. She just stood up, took a step toward me, turned her head up and kissed me back. She also noticed me looking at her cleavage. She was not very beautiful but looked decent. It is kinda big, about 7. As I opened my office and let her in, she was very impressed with the elegant and expensive furniture.

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I placed one leg on the couch next to her and took my cock very near to her face. She had a very fair body with stretch marks on her tummy that made it look sexy.

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As she looked up, I took the chance, bent down and kissed her on the lips lightly. Feeling a bit naughty, I asked if men hit on her all the time. I placed both my hands on her hips and pulled down her pantie. I bent my head a little and planted a kiss on her pussy mound over her pantie that already had a wet patch.

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She probably had a 36 bust and butt of about 36 as well. Swathi got the al and reached back and unclasped her bra and dropped it on the floor. I am the kind that is constantly looking for action, especially MILF kind of action, lol. I took off my suit jacket and shirt and dropped them on the floor. She pulled back a little and started to unbuckle my belt. I placed my hands on her shoulders and gently walked her back and sat her down on the office couch. I asked her if everything was okay. We sat down in my office and started chatting and things veered to the personal front.

I had just finished up a client call and was feeling hungry. That was all I needed. I own a second home in a Dallas suburb where I stay instead of a hotel whenever I am in town for business, which is pretty much every week.

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She told me her name was Swathi name changed. I pulled free face closer and d kissing. I slowly started caressing the slit and found her clitoris and pinched it slightly between my fingers. I could see that she was not very used to kissing so I guided her with slow kisses and she was following along.

She asked me what Dallas do and I explained that I have a company that places people at large companies and offered her help with her job search. I agreed and we walked back to my office talking along the way.

My touch made her jump a bit. I could see a bit of belly, probably she had a couple of kids. I love to see the look on their face when they see my cock the first time. After about 5 minutes of mouth kissing, it was getting a little uncomfortable with our height difference.

She just stood with her eyes glued on my bulge — it is the moment I cherish and love with most women. Hello all, I am Vishal name changed36 years old and a very successful businessman who runs multiple businesses in a big city in the USA. I travel quite a bit to Dallas, Texas. I also have an office in an office park where some of my clients drop by for meetings once in a while. It worked, she did not step back or stories offended. I pulled her into my arms and started kissing her with passion. Instead of ordering delivery as I normally do, I decided to go to a restaurant just around the corner.

Then I cupped my hands around her right breast and started to fondle. Sex was now standing over her. I now moved to one side of her and placed my hand over her pussy. I joked that it was meant to impress beautiful women like her and I could see her blushing. With my right hand, I started to tug on her pant zipper.

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Swathi came into my arms and hugged me tightly. I started sucking her tongue. I am 6 feet tall with an athletic build and always dress in expensive suits and try to look well groomed all the time. She was completely naked now. Swathi was surprised that my office was right next door and asked if she could accompany me back to the office now instead of ing. I pulled down my Armani jockeys and she could now see my large cock standing at full mast.

She paused her kiss and looked at me and this time there was no shyness. She ran her fingers gently through my hair making a slight hissing sound. That was why she was animated. So I sat down on the office chair and had her sit on my lap.

I started smelling her hair and rubbing both my palms on her bare back and started squeezing her bare buttocks. I started kissing her tummy and navel.

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She came closer to me and our bodies were stuck to each other. She blushed again and was feeling shy all of sudden realizing the situation we were in — just the two of us in a very private location. She asked if the front door was closed and I told her it was. Being the polite kind, I said hi and she noticed me then and said hi as well. She instinctively knew and held it with one hand and took the tip of the cock in her mouth and started sucking. She got the cue and unzipped her pants and let them fall to the ground. I saw the opportunity, got up, went around to her side and stood behind her.

I gave her my card and asked her to send me her. She had big round boobs with dark areolas the size of a quarter coin and thick small stubby nipples. I was just in my underwear sporting a massive bulge in the front of her. I bent closer and started giving small kisses on her pubic mound while I lifted my right hand and slid the bra strap off her right shoulder. She just nodded but I could see how happy that made her.

A couple of months ago, as usual, I was in Dallas and it was Monday just after am.

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Gosh, the feel of her mouth over my cock was an incredible feeling. I just stood there for the next few minutes just watching her suck on my cock with saliva dripping down the sides of her cheeks while I occasionally reached down to fondle her breasts.

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I made her stand up and pulled up her shirt, exposing her tummy and navel. She had a bit of hair on her pussy mound and the pussy was all wet and glistening.