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Jen Rice Reporter. June 28 marks years since Texas ratified the 19th Amendment to the U. A little over a year later, the amendment was adopted, giving women the right to vote. Jen was born and raised in Houston's year floodplain.

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At the time, the Republican party barely existed in Texas. In old photographs from the League of Women Voters a century ago, she sees exclusively white women.

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Robert J. Terry Library at Texas Southern University. They gave us all different kinds of excuses why. But they were never prominently put out front.

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When he won the case, Smith v. Because of efforts by her, by other African-American women leaders and even a U. S Supreme Court case, black women in Texas would eventually win back their right to vote, decades after the state ratified women's suffrage. First Name.

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The white women's suffrage movement officially ended inbut African American women continued working for years to exercise their right to the vote. Whether all women were able to exercise that right was another story. And that's changing the picture.

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She was unafraid to speak her mind to blacks or whites. Still, Johnson Benifield said she thinks the next years are going to be different than the last. The memory of what happened stuck with her the rest of her life. But we helped. According to Pitre, White had been doubly excluded from other groups, like many African-American women, by white women in the suffrage movement and black men in the civil rights struggle. Now a board member of the League of Women Voters in Houston, Johnson Benifield said that voters today face new barriers like the Texas voter ID law and the recent statewide voter purge that removed 95, people from the rolls.

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Even after Smith v. For years, White organized to grow the chapter's Houston membership and fight the Texas white primary in court. It was still a man's world. Courtesy of Humanities Texas. The white primary was, in effect, the general election.

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When the bill passed, Adair went to the polls for the first time. But today, Benifield, a woman of color, is a leader there.

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So finally one woman, a Mrs. After that experience, Adair began a long career as a civil rights leader in Houston. She had an acid tongue.

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Allwright, many black women in Texas still couldn't vote until the s. Inwhen she was 25 years old, Christia Adair went door-to-door organizing for women's right to vote in Texas. Allwrightthe Texas white primary was declared unconstitutional.

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They were never allowed to speak up. InTexas created the white primary, an additional institutional barrier that turned away black voters until The state determined the Democratic party was a private organization, which cleared the way for Democrats to allow only white people to vote in the primary.

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Last Name. Poor working class white women did not," Johnson Benifield said. Texas was one of the last five states that still required a poll tax in order to vote when the 24th Amendment banned the practice in Then inCongress passed the landmark Voting Rights Actoutlawing literacy tests and creating federal oversight of elections across the country.

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African American women did critical work to support that effort. Supreme Court. She explained that while black women were able to vote in northern states, women's suffrage in the South was a reality only for white women.