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It's our third annual Valentine's Day blog, where we feature alumni who were seeing hearts in Pantone when they met on campus! These 15 alumni stories will give you all the feels so grab the tissues and be inspired by these grateful gr. Thank you to the alumni who submitted stories and photos to us via and Facebook. It's safe to say we were the first Binghamton couple from the class of ' We met in during the opening minutes of freshman orientation. We distracted each other and didn't learn anything from our tour guide.

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It also allowed us to grow and cultivate our own relationships separate from that of our relationship, and today we both have our own friend groups that we spend time with both sometimes the other person ing and other times it is without the other person.

20 things that happen when you’re in a long distance relationship

When Emma's not in class, you can find her either working out or impulsively buying concert tickets. The trust that we developed through long distance has carried over into our lives together now, and has only helped us grow stronger as a couple.

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They thought that we would not be able to last in a long distance relationship since we had devoted every waking minute to spending time together before the big move. I learned quickly that one thing people often take for granted in long distance relationships is the ability to build your own life separate from that of your partners.

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Luckily for us, our trust in one another was something that never waivered, and as a result, made the long distance that much more manageable. From the start of our relationship we knew that if the long distance was going to work, our relationship would have to be based on a strong foundation of trust.

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Make sure you both use the time apart to focus on becoming the person you are meant to be, and when you are finally able to bring those two people together to begin a life as one, the are extraordinary. We knew it was a risk beginning a long distance relationship, but we were determined to make it work. I was fortunate enough to see my boyfriend at least once every month or two, and for that, I was very grateful.

This is what I learned from my experience.

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That is probably the best thing about long distance, you never run out of things to talk about. Good stuff only!

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We had been friends for a while, and the feelings between us were too strong to not give it a try. Hint: It's Batch Bakery.

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While these are pillars of any stable relationship, they are even more important for long distance. Being in a long term relationship is difficult enough to navigate through college, but with the added pressure of long distance we had to rely on trust and communication to get us through. If there is one thing that I learned from a long distance, it is that the time you spend apart is just as important as the time you spend together. I loved spending time with my boyfriend, but it was also great that I had the space I needed to focus on myself and my life, and the added bonus was that whenever we were together, we had plenty of stories and news to share with the other.

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Not only was he the love of my life, but he was my best friend, and I knew that if anyone could make it work, it would be us. We had our own schedules, routines and friends that existed outside of our relationship, and it provided us with plenty to talk about when we finally reunited. Emma Cooper. Because of the independence we both gained in our relationship through long distance, I was able to make the choice that was best for my future with the assurance that our relationship would survive it.

It's all about the timing.

We each developed our own routine in our lives and after a while, it became a system we were used to. This is something that to this day I cherish, as it has allowed us to grow as individuals and as a couple. Emma is originally from the Madison area, and has years of Madison-living wisdom and knowledge to share like where to find the best pastries!

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HC at Wisconsin. Via Everton Vila on Unsplash While the distance was hard, eventually the novelty of long distance wore off, and the usual routine of him going back to school after a break and the phone call dates just became the norm for us.

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While it was hard and I missed him a lot, I constantly reminded myself that it could be much worse. I think both of our parents were skeptical, and especially our friends. When my boyfriend and I started dating, I was finishing up my sophomore year of high school, and he was getting ready to leave the state for college.

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The long distance aspect of our relationship seemed to fall to the back of our minds. It was like a prize to look forward to, and it was often what got me through the rougher weeks. There were plenty of couples who lived thousands of miles apart and got to see each other only a handful of times a year.

I was in a long distance relationship for 4 years, this is what i learned

We wanna slide into your DMs but via. After a while, my boyfriend had begun to establish his life at school and I developed my own. She's been to over 60 concerts, so if you ever need music recommendations, she's your go-to gal! Emma Cooper Wisconsin ' Emma is currently a junior studying creative writing and film studies. Every visit home would end up with me breaking down and crying as I watched him drive away and back to school. Obviously it would take effort, but we were both more than willing to handle the scheduled Facetime calls, the sporadic text messages during a busy day and going weeks without seeing each other.

1. you will get extremely jealous at least once.

To this day I find it hard to believe that our high school romance survived four years of long distance. I valued our time apart because it let me have the space I needed to grow into my own person independent from my boyfriend. Photo by Thomas Ward from Pexels. There was never a moment between us where we questioned if long distance would work, and we knew that while it would be hard, it would be worth it in the end.

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Sure, the distance was hard at times, but there was nothing that compared to that first kiss after going months without his physical presence. Long distance relationships are hard enough without the added pressure of starting college, so we knew it would be difficult, but if our relationship could make it through his freshman year, it could survive practically anything.

I loved my boyfriend more than anything else and I knew he was the one. Pexels dating high school sweetheart long distance love relationship.