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Even before European settlement, Yuma has always held a great ificance to the people of the area. Set on the banks of the once erratic Colorado river, it was one of the only safe, or predictable crossings at the time. Originally founded as Colorado City, it later assumed greater ificance as thousands of opportunist Americans travelled south via Yuma to California to cash in on the gold rush. The city was renamed twice to Arizona City, then Yuma, from the Spanish word for smoke humo since the natives of the area used smoke in their practices. Discover what the North End has to offer with historic tours, or simply enjoy the shopping, dining and entertainment that can be found. No longer in operation, Yuma Territorial Prison is now a state historical park with quite the reputation.

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Currently operated by the Arizona Historical Society, you would love to treat yourself to such a tour. Between andthe Yuma Quartermaster Depot acted as a cogent source of lifeline for the various military posts scattered across Texas, Arizona, Utah, Nevada, and New Mexico. You would need to cool off after having a hot day. Do you appreciate modern art? An absolute scenic beauty that is well protected which cuts into the Arizona, Yuma County, and Imperial County. Need we remind ourselves that marked that beginning of date industry in the United States?

A guide to life in the desert southwest

Looking at it from a distance, under the sun and at an inclined angle creates something of a mirage and today it is one of the largest date farms in Yuma, spanning an area of acres. It is not surprising seeing that Yuma holds the credit of being the sunniest place of the world and date palms need continuous sunshine for proper growth.

One of the best things to do in Yuma is a visit to The castle dome town which is also known as a ghost town. It stretches about 10 miles of the desert with 8, date palms. The city has got a very rich history in addition to its local heritage, arts, and culture.

Is there a route to the car in the end? Hey, do not forget the pet! Can you create this image of stepping into a basket flying about 75 feet high, with an illuminated balloon over your head and the cool breeze swinging your entire body with the world at your feet?

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They are a member of the Yuma Visitors Bureau tasked with marketing the travel and tourism industry to the publicwith about others. The adobe home of E. Sanguinetti, built in the 19th-century is nothing less than charming and to see its location in the heart of the historic Yuma goers further to buttress his extraordinary legacy. Taking your position to the west of Yuma, about 20 miles, is the incredible Imperial Sand Dunes.

1. historic downtown

The center has got everything you think of, the architecture, the displays, name them! Aside from the dazing beauty of nature, you would not want to miss the boat trips, fishing, and hiking, or even camping, would you?

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They are all captivating, giving you an awesome experience in the world of arts. Yuma is a city in the southwest of Arizona, United States. This makes what to do in Yuma AZ for art lovers, It is free for visitation all you need do is check up their website. He however visited Yuma just aged 16 where he resided until he died in He was a vast businessman and impacted Yuma in his days. Alternatively known as the Algodones Dunesit stretches over 40 miles and with a height of about feet and is the joy of most off-road zealots- despite the heat this wonder records over 1 million drivers every year as visitors.

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They are then loaded into speedboats heading to Yuma through the Colorado River. It is sandy and so adoring, the perfect place for your swimming and relaxation, most especially in the summer.

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Have you seen Star Wars: Return of the Jedi? Check it out! This area not shy of activities to keep you busy during a visit to Yuma County.

Yuma friends

An average flight can be between 45 minutes to an hour depending on the winds. The ghost town as it is called now is surrounded by mountains and looks frozen in time though some structures still preserve the Old West history.

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Do you love views of the river, desert, mountains, or wetlands? It was built in and its initial de was for the bridge to connect the Ocean to Ocean Highway and it accommodated only pedestrian and bicycle traffic for 14 years.

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Imagine the beauty of a well-cultured and groomed flower garden. How do we move with our box? There is also a mega store of Medjool date palms. At first, Ocean vessels ply the Gulf of California route with goods carrying the needed goods. Then, you would certainly love the Yuma Art Center. Highlights may include the upstream to the ocean bridge, under the Ocean, and finally to the West Wetlands Park.

Deserted since over 20 years ago, this town remains untouched by the hands of modern technology. So, the whole palms in America originated from these shoots.

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These projects targeted and covered a great portion of the Yuma County and California by employing dams, siphons, and drains thereby assuring a successful year-cycle farming. What was the then buzzing mining town in the year is the remains of utter emptiness?

This is area house some of the oldest buildings in Arizona and is a full blend of history with some fun exhibits for specially preserved for children. You would certainly want to see the old holding cells and those creepy dark rooms. The prison is no longer in use but has its memories live on even in the minds of even younger generations.

The bridge was renovated and reopened to vehicles in after 14 years of pedestrian and bicycle-only traffic. Flying in hot air balloons is, to say the least, exciting. In the early s, the Bureau of Reclamation kicked off the construction of some notable irrigation projects.

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There are of course lots of fun things to do in Yuma AZ, featuring Annual events Recreation and fitness centers, Shopping malls, Museums and Attraction sites, Dining spots, Entertainment, Rivers, parks, and landmarks, this makes a great place in the United States for a vacation. The vast region of this habitat is the wetlands though it is located in the Sonoran desert which perfect makes it a perfect place for wildlife.

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The prison was in operation for 33 years and recorded 3, prisoners — 29 of them were women. However, it was allowed vehicular access in after renovation. The post office workers, the miners, the supervisors, the bartenders, the artisans who ply the trade there, customers, and the miners. In the site was closed but continued to function in varying capacities as a telegraph and weather station and even a customs office.

Yuma is also a sunny place thus making it perfect for outdoor activities.

2. castle dome mines museum & ghost town

These include Gecko, Grays Well, and the Buttercup, so, you are covered! That wants you to stand to experience, especially in a carnival.

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The infamous prison, which began operation in was built strategically by its initial group of prisoners. Can you image imagine what scenery of these four combined? One popular and fun-filled way is river-tubing. I bet you would want to see for yourself, are you in Yuma or planning to be. These historical places show that her residents must have been very brave and rugged.

Its location across the bank of the Colorado River and with the desert surrounding it show added caution put in place against jailbreaks which were common at the time. From April through September, the weather is often sunny in Arizona. What about viewing the scenic beauty of the city of Yuma in a hot air balloon flight, this is one of the fun things to do in Yuma you can cross of your bucketlist. The Yuma Territorial Prison is a part of the historical Old South West and was shut down for overcrowding in the year There is a mirror which creates a front and back in a single photobe sure to have your mugshot before leaving.

2. yuma territorial prison state historical park

They are the largest in California and is famously used asset for some movies due to its appealing scenery. This is obtainable at the Imperial National Wildlife Refuge. Another beautiful thing is that you can get a full view of the historic Ocean to Ocean Bridge, yes! You would see original structures like the church, the five saloons, the boardwalks, the stamp mill, the original boiler, the mills, and many others.

The castle dome town which is larger than Yuma was a location of the early miners who breed fortune from copper and silver. If you a lover of surfing or even if you are not, I bet you try it out.

Things to do in yuma

Yuma River Tubing answers all these questions and more, offering a unique alternative to the same feeling you experience in the Colorado River. Who is going to drive? It could be a bit of trouble as you may be faced with questions such as how do we access the tubes? You would definitely want to see them yourself, and probably get their famous date shake from their farm or even other products. The park is located on a high ground of the Colorado River- which crossed through Yuma- since the Old West time. But, you would need to reserve your space as spots are often quickly filled up.

Are you are fan of distinguished art theaters and museums? This singular farm has made Yuma and Arizona in extension every popular. Irrespective of your person you can or how old you are, the freedom of journeying through this floating journey is all yours. Usually, a 6-month provision of clothing, food, ammunition, and any other necessary materials needed for the soldiers of the US Army were kept in the warehouses. And hey, there is a refreshing river beach close to the coast of the Colorado River. Yuma has got over 35 public parks, but here we bring to you the Gateway Park situated by the Yuma Territorial Prison at the end of Madison Avenue.

It is normally a one-hour activity you are welcomed to come with your refreshment and is best enjoyed amongst family and friends.